2020 – Schedule

Conference Schedule

Wednesday, November 25, 2020 & Thursday, November 26, 2020


8:45-9:00Opening Welcome
9:00Morning Sessions — 5 sectors
ESL, Guidance, LBS, IL, PSW
1:00 Afternoon Sessions — 5 Sectors
ESL, Guidance, LBS, IL, PSW

Conference Day

8:45 amOpening and Welcome
9:00-9:50 Keynote address by Anthony McLean:  Inclusivity in Education: Better Than Diversity
9:50-10:00Break and move to Zoom rooms for concurrent workshops
10:00-11:00Section A — 60 Minute interactive workshops
11:20-11:30Young Voices and what’s coming up
11:30-12:30 Section B — 60 Minute interactive workshops
12:30-12:45Pilates stretch for all levels
12:45-1:45Lunch break, TRIVIA, and visits to sponsor/exhibitor Zoom rooms
1:45-2:00Welcome back & Young Voices
2:00-3:15CESBA Combo – Select two 30 minute sessions from the menu!
Round 1:  2:00-2:35
Transition: 2:35-2:40
Round 2:  2:40-3:15
3:25-4:00Wrap up, prizes and CESBA Lifetime Achievement Award 2020

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